About Us

Discover the captivating narrative of a visionary Cambodian American gallerist, Earl Heng, whose journey spans continents and cultures, infusing art with profound historical and familial significance. With an illustrious career of 18 years in the art industry, Earl has embarked on a transformative mission upon relocating to Brazil, where he established one of the few Cambodian-owned galleries outside of Cambodia—a beacon of cultural revival and remembrance. Inspired by familial heritage, he unknowingly carries forward their grandmother's legacy of fine furniture craftsmanship lost during the Cambodian Genocide, intertwining art curation with personal narrative.

At the heart of his space lies a resounding commitment to bridging cultural divides between the US, Brazil, and Asia, epitomizing the essence of unity through art and expression. Notably, his curation boasts a monumental collection of over 150 works by Chico Da Silva, an extraordinary Brazilian artist whose recent resurgence in the art world heralds a remarkable revival. Da Silva's profound journey, from obscurity to international acclaim, mirrors the gallerist's own quest to unearth and celebrate hidden artistic gems. Institutions like the Tate, Guggenheim, and Centre Pompidou have only recently embraced Da Silva's oeuvre, alongside renowned galleries and critics, signaling a pivotal moment in art history.

Earl's narrative serves as a compelling testament to resilience, heritage, and the transformative power of art. It is a story of cultural preservation and artistic reclamation, a poignant reflection on the complexities of identity and creativity in today's global art landscape.

Our gallery space in São Paulo, is located only two blocks from Avenida Paulista and open by appointment only. Schedule your visit here

Rua Augusta, 1365 Loja 7
São Paulo - SP, 01305-100