Bounty Hunter BXH Companion, 1999

Painted cast vinyl

8 × 5 × 2 1/2 in
20.3 × 12.7 × 6.4 cm
Edition of 500

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The one that started it all. In collaboration with Real Mad Hectic, and produced by Bounty Hunter, this piece depicts KAWS’s signature figure, Companion, in the Brown color scheme. This human/animal/cartoon hybrid has a Mickey Mouse body, complete with gloves, shorts, and clown-like shoes, much like the original character. To this borrowed, well-known image, KAWS adds his own now unmistakable imprints—an inflated skull and an "X" for each eyes. KAWS's characters are a reference to visual culture and demonstrate his wealth of creativity and impressive ability to appropriate world-famous pop culture icons, making them at once his own unique creation and also a stylistic tribute to society today.