Annie Leibovitz

Keith Haring Photographed by Annie Leibovitz poster, 1992

Offset lithographic poster

20 × 24 in
50.8 × 61 cm
Not signed

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Rare poster of the famed Keith Haring portrait by Annie Leibovitz.

Though best known for her work with Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair, Leibovitz worked for a number of different publications over the years, some more successful than others. In 1986, a magazine in Florida commissioned Annie to photograph the artist Keith Haring.

“We decided that he would paint his torso for me. We shot it in the studio, on a set constructed to look like someone’s living room, then painted it white. When Keith arrived he painted the room with black lines in less than forty-five minutes. Then he painted his upper body in about five minutes. When he came out of the dressing room he was wearing white painters’ pants, but it just seemed obvious to both of us at that point that he should paint the rest of him."