Peckham Rock Wood Postcard

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Created in 2018, courtesy of Banksy's Pest Control Office, and the British Museum. 100% authentic and fully authorized by Banksy. Would look great framed.

Provenance: Acquired directy from the British Museum. 

The original concrete Peckham Rock depicting a prehistoric figure pushing a shopping trolley was placed by Banksy in The British Museum in 2005 alongside an official looking label. The artwork stayed in position for 3 days before being noticed and removed. The reverse of the replica you see here has the information that was displayed on the label next to the original piece. This wooden replica has been made with the permission of Pest Control and is therefore an official piece of Banksy work that was released by the British Museum in 2018 during the exhibition ‘I object: Ian Hislop’s search for dissent’ Get a Banksy


Wooden postcard

18 x 12 cm