Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Untitled (The End), 2018

Offset lithographic poster
22 × 28 in
55.9 × 71.1 cm
Not signed

Regular price $950.00

Untitled (The End) (1990) is one of Gonzalez-Torres’s earliest stacks. Each sheet is white with a black border. The blank central portion acts as a projection space, encouraging viewers mentally to add their imaginings, which are framed in black. Gonzalez-Torres considered his early stacks to be monuments, describing their ideal height as that of a tombstone. His work often focused on a theme of mortality, as the parenthetical title “The End” suggests. Untitled (The End) is complete only when the stack is eliminated. Until that point, it exists in a constant, vulnerable state of exhaustion and renewal, functioning as a metaphor for the body.

This particular piece was acquired from as stack displayed at the São Paulo Museum of Art in 2018. The listing is for one single sheet.